Setting up Payment Methods

By now your StoreMantis website should have your own products installed and your store’s information pages customized. Your next step would be to set up your payment modules so your customers have options when ordering from you. This is easily achieved in your StoreMantis Dashboard.

Kindly note that if you intend to install a payment method for online payment (i.e card processing), you will need to first register with the respective gateway. You can find our more information about a gateway by clicking it’s logo (if available).

There are multiple payment options available to use so for this tutorial we’re going to show you how to configure GTPay (from Guaranty Trust Bank).

  1. Log into your StoreMantis Dashboard
  2. Go to Extensions > Payments
    You’ll notice a large list of options on the payment screen
  3. Select the payment method you want by clicking the desired action on the right side. Since we’re using GTPay, scroll to this method and click “Install”.
  4. Once the module has installed click on “Edit” in the right column
  5. Fill in the fields on the screen. The first 5 values are the credentials supplied by GTB during your account setup. Of these 5, only the first and last are mandatory.
  6. When finished click “Save

Congratulations! You’ve now configured your StoreMantis shopping cart to receive payments. You can follow similar steps to configure the other payment methods on the list.