Converting visitors to customers with retargeting


It’s no coincidence when you see advertisements for websites you’ve visited in the past show up later on other pages across the web. These ads come as a result of retargeting, which is a display advertising method that places a special code known as “cookies” on your browser when you visited websites that are running retargeting campaigns. These ads will then follow you all over the internet and serve as a constant reminder about the page you previously viewed.

Here are some of the benefits of retargeting

1. Choose Your Audience
When you run display ads online, you never quite know who is going to see your ads. By using retargeting, you can have more control over who your ads will target. You have a few different options when you create your audience settings. For example, if someone has visited a specific webpage on your site in the past, you can set your ad to show only to those people. You can even go broader and select multiple pages or even your entire website. By using these settings, you can target people who are already interested and familiar with what you have to offer.

2. Lower Cost-Per-Clicks
Retargeting display ads tend to have lower cost-per-clicks compared to other types on online search ads. You can setup your bids in two different ways. The first way is to get charged for every thousand views your ad receives. The other option is to pay for each click you receive. Either of these methods can help you run successful campaigns. By using retargeting, you can get the most out of your advertising budget.

3. High Impressions
As long as you have a big enough retargeting list, you can achieve a high amount impressions through retargeting campaigns. As more people visit your site while you are running the campaign, the larger your list will continue to grow.

4. Reach Your Current Customers
If you add new products or promotions, you can easily let your current customers know about it through retargeting. This is a great way to give your past customers a reason to come back to your site and purchase from you again.

5. Branding Benefits
Retargeting display ads can also provide you with an opportunity to expose your brand and raise awareness. By having your ads showing all over the internet, you will be able to make people keep your brand in mind. Even if your audience isn’t planning on purchasing anything in the near future, display ads will keep your brand at the top of customer minds for the future.


Setting up retargeting

So how do you go about setting up retargeting? There are various methods. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Using Google adwords. Google adwords is Google’s advertising platform. It comprises of the Google search network and the Google display network. The Google search network displays ads when you use the Google search engine. An example is shown below:


    For the Google display network, Google will showcase your ads across thousands of partner websites based on your targeting. An example of this is shown below:


    When using retargeting with Google adwords, you will be using the Google Display Network. For instructions on how to set this up, kindly read this:

  2. Using Facebook. You can setup retargeting using Facebook as well. To do this, you will need to install the Facebook pixel on your website. Then you will create a custom audience and select the pixel you have installed


    Next, you create an ad and select your new audience as your target. Doing this will ensure that visitors who have been to your site (since you installed the pixel) will get to see your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  3. Using Adroll. You can setup retargeting using a platform called Adroll. The benefit of using adroll is that you will only need to create your ad in one place but it will get displayed across multiple networks including Google adwords, Facebook, Bing and multiple other partner websites. Visit for more information.