New enhanced registration page

We are pleased to announce the upgrade of the Account registration/Login page on all StoreMantis sites using our new template engine. Hitherto, when a customer adds a product to their shopping cart and clicks the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button, they were prompted to login on a page similar to this:

New customers had to click on the ‘Continue’ button which then led them to a page similar to this:



We received some complaints from customers stating that this process was too lengthy and the registration form seemed too long. Hence we decided to review the login and registration pages.

The new login prompt page is as shown below:


If you notice, we have created two tabs on this page. The first, which is the default, is the registration tab. Hence a customer does not need to click a button that leads to another page to register. Also, we have arranged the form elements on this page to align horizontally. This reduces the length of the page and makes the form easier to fill on mobile devices. The second tab is for logging in.
This new login/registration page can potentially lead to higher conversion rates.

This  page upgrade is only supported on the following templates: Flatize 1& 2, Ferado 1 & 2, Unlimited, Breeze, Sweetpick, Polishop and Mango 1,2,3. It will also be supported by all other templates we add subsequently.

Also, we have eliminated the account registration success page when customers have products in their shopping carts. Hence when a customer registers while shopping, they are immediately redirected to the ‘Shipping Method’ page and not the ‘Thank you for registering’ page. This will speed up the checkout process even further.