New enhancements to our StoreMantis Checkout service

We are pleased to announce that we have made some enhancements to our StoreMantis checkout service. StoreMantis Checkout is our very own 3rd party payment processing service. It is designed for customers who do not have an online payment processing merchant account (e.g. Interswitch Webpay, Interswitch Quickteller, GTPay e.t.c).

  1. Faster payout: We now settle merchants 2 business days after the transaction date! Merchants no longer need to wait till the next Friday to receive payments.
  2. Transaction requery feature: Merchants can now requery a StoreMantis checktout transaction just as they would for transactions from other gateways such as Interswitch webpay or Gtpay. Transaction requery is a feature that enables a merchant get the status of a transaction from the switch (in this case Interswitch or Gtbank) in real time. This is very useful in situations whereby a customer attempts to make a payment, gets debited but for some reason, receives a ‘Transaction Failed’ error message. This is a rare occurrence but could occur if the switch is experiencing problems at the time of purchase. If the customer complains that he/she was debited, all a merchant needs to do is to requery that particular transaction. The status of the transaction will be obtained from the switch immediately and the transaction will be updated.
    To requery a transaction, a merchant only needs navigate to the Transactions page (‘Sales’->’Customer Transactions’) and click the ‘Requery’ link for that particular transaction:
  3. Pending payments page: We have created a page that enables merchants to be able to view pending (and previous) payments that are to be transferred to their accounts. Records are added to this list immediately a customer successfully makes payment via the storemantis checkout payment method.
    This page will also display the currently configured bank account the payment is scheduled to be transferred to. To get to this page, simply go to ‘Your Account’->’Storemantis Checkout Payments’
  • Olawale Samson Olawuyi

    how many percent does storemantis charge on each transactions?

    • StoreMantis Admin

      Hi Olawale. It’s 3.5%. There is also a N120 charge if you are using a non gtbank account

  • Mendel Chinedu Chimezie

    Can someone from another country buy from my store using your gateway…. I using store mantis checkout?