New on StoreMantis: HTML editing, Blog feature

We are pleased to announce that we have released two major new features on StoreMantis i.e. HTML editing and a Blog feature.

  1. HTML Editing: Hitherto, our templates could only be modified using the options we provided in the admin area (under Html & Layout) and by editing the css files. However, many of our merchants desired greater flexibility in modifying their sites e.g. adding additional images or features to the homepage, modifying the navigation bar etc. Hence, after much research and coding, we decided to upgrade our templates to use the TWIG template engine ( With this upgrade, merchants are able to completely modify their templates to suit their needs. A merchant can even decide to redesign their template from scratch if they desire! Currently this upgrade has been applied to two templates (Flatize & Flatize 2). We are currently porting this upgrade to the other templates and should be able to complete them all before the end of the second week of february. Also this new system makes it easier to add more templates to our platform. Hence expect to see more templates on StoreMantis in the month of february!
  2. Blog: Due to popular demand, we have added a native blog feature to StoreMantis! With this feature, a merchant does not need to maintain an external blog. You can now have a full featured blog on your StoreMantis website. Our blog uses the Disqus comments platform ( to enable comments on the blog.

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