Viewing Orders & Customers

It’s important for you, as the administrator of your StoreMantis store, to understand what to do with orders once you receive them. Orders will be processed through your StoreMantis Dashoboard.

  • Log into your StoreMantis Dashboard
  • The last 10 orders will show on your Dashboard home page. However, you may have more than 10 orders in your shopping cart. Go to Sales > Orders

    This will show you all the orders you have in your queue. You can sort the orders multiple ways by using the filters at the top of the screen.    

  • To view a specific order click on the “View” on the right side of the order

    • Order Details: This is a basic overview of the order information such as order status, order number, total, and basic customer contact information.
    • Payment Details: This tab provides you with the payment details including the billing information as well as the method of payment.
    • Shipping Details: Here you can find the shipping method as well as where the order should be shipped to.
    • Products: This tab provides you with a list of the products purchased as well as the amount totals on the order.
    • Order History: Here you can see a history of actions taken on the specific order. This is also where you can update the Order Status and ensure that the customer is notified of the status change in the order.

    The Left-hand side tabs will allow you to view specific information related to the order. It’s best practice to go through the tabs to understand what each tab provides and what you can do with them.